A Fab Lab that Inspires people to Learn and Innovate through Making so that together we can change our world for the better.


VIVA Lab is one of the 2,000 digital fabrication laboratories in the Fab Lab's worldwide network that aims to democratize access to personal and collaborative invention, using digital technologies to make (almost) anything.

A space open to the public with manual & digital tools, so that you can develop and materialize your ideas! Here we combine our pedagogical experience and product development, with technological tools of the 21st century and the Maker culture.


In this creative space of excellence we have the opportunity to surprise ourselves, collaborate with unlikely partners, take risks and try new things. This environment of freedom helps to change ways of thinking, to visualize ideas and to put them into practice.

Some of Our Clients

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Most Recent Design & Education Projects Developed At Our Fab Lab


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Filipe Araujo

Porto City Hall Vice President

Porto has always had in its genes an ability to transcend itself in difficult situations throughout history. Also now its people have been in the front line!

VivaLab incorporates very well this spirit and, using modern tools, was able to respond with a promptness and solidarity that the city recognizes! - MAKERSvsCOVID19


Christina Rebel

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Wikifactory

VIVA Lab have been proving an agility in product development to generate solutions that any formal company would wish to have.
Adopting design- thinking excellence, they have understood local needs and designed solutions fast.
In a span of a couple weeks, they had shared on our platform for hosting digital fabrication projects a range that I have yet to see a maker group be as quick to deploy.

Lisa Lang

Director Innovation & Skills at EURATEX, Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech in Europe

The future will be interdisciplinary, and it’s where VivaLab is. Their merge of machines and highly qualified people, helped us to develop new concepts and to take our ideas to the next levels of innovation. VivaLab is a co-creation hub with a brilliant approach.

Fernando Leite


VIVA Lab attracted LIPOR's and our Team's attention because of its object, the quality of the Team, its competences, the creativity it generates with the Project proposals it presents. CONGRATULATIONS Team and more PROPOSALS to come.


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