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*For Members/Associates a 20% discount  will be applied to the values mentioned above.

A FabLab, or digital fabrication laboratory, is a small-scale workshop for personalized digital manufacturing, equipped with a range of hand tools and computer-controlled machines, which makes it possible to make “almost anything” by anyone.


And it is this accessibility that we offer at VIVALab, through our open days, the rental of our machines, being a member of the Maker Crew or the various activities that we offer to our community of Makers.

Upcoming Events

  • Impressão 3D
    Em Breve
    Em Breve
    Porto, Rua da Boavista 730, 4050-466 Porto, Portugal
  • Modelação 3D - Fusion360
    Em Breve
    VIVA Lab Porto
    Em Breve
    VIVA Lab Porto, Rua da Boavista 730, 4050-466 Porto, Portugal
  • Iniciação ao Corte a Laser.
    Horário a ser determinado
    Online Workshop
    Horário a ser determinado
    Online Workshop
    A Cortadora a Laser é a máquinas mais versátil de um FabLab, com ela fazemos protótipos rápidamente e com muita precisão. Neste curso introdutório ensinaremos como a técnologia funciona, o que é possível criar, como preparar um arquivo, assim como diversas técnicas e materiais.
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  • What is a Fablab?

FabLab is a space open to the public with hand tools and digital manufacturing machines where anyone can prototype, invent and create.

  • How can I participate?

To access the space and use our machines whenever you need, just sign up here.

If you want to take part on our Internship program apply here.

  • What machines are there in the FabLab?     

    • Vinyl cutter     

    • Laser cutter     

    • Precision Milling Machine    

    •  CNC     

    • 3d printer

  • Is the use of machines free?

Except on special occasions, it is not free, but we try to offer an affordable price, you can check the values ​​here. How to visit VivaLab? Send us an email to check our availability or just come on one of our open days.

  • Do you do activities for groups?

Yes, for groups of children and adults, we can create activities for you.

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