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Make a Gift Week

From November 30th to December 7th, 2019, at VIVA Lab, we celebrated Christmas in a more responsible way, aiming to reduce our ecological footprint by foregoing uncontrolled consumerism while relaxing with friends and family. This Christmas:

  • Make your own Christmas ornaments using recyclable materials!

  • Create gifts - nothing can be more special than something created with the person who will receive it in mind!

  • Wrap gifts using different techniques and avoid using tape.

  • Give a new life to things that have brought you joy (clothes, books, toys). Gift them, as they are presents with an extra dose of tenderness.

  • Offer time – it's the only irreplaceable thing you can give to someone.

  • Use local ingredients for cooking your Christmas dinner.

  • If you're buying gifts, do so at local businesses and preferably from artisans and designers in your region.

Devote your time to reinvent your Christmas, gifts, and traditions for a holiday season with more substance and less consumption.


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