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Innovating Design through Digital Fabrication & Open Design

The Maker Movement is not just a hobby, it is a movement with real impact on the world and increasingly targeted by small and large companies as a source of innovation.

Our services?


Industrial Design and Service R&D

With our technical competence for product development and prototyping capacity, we are prepared to meet the needs in the development of new products, services, small-scale manufacturing, formation of Maker Mindset in companies or in the R&D of new technologies.



Giving access to digital fabrication tool's such as 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC and a wide array of techniques allowing companies and freelancers to rapidly iterate and prototype their ideas.


Small Scale Manufacturing

VIVA Lab is a space for you to think outside the box where you can design and make a product tailored to your needs and dreams. A personal production, allowing anyone that wants to launch a product to produce locally personalized small-scale products. There are a wide range of things which can be made in a Fab Lab from key chains to electric skateboards.

Some Of Our Clients:


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João Leão 

B2B & Industrial Design Managment

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