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APPACDM Sensory Table

This project was developed for Christmas in 2021."The Special Education School (EEE) within the Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Disabled (APPACDM) in Sabrosa-Vila Real, made a Christmas request to Viva, which turned into a challenge for Viva's participants/students: the construction of a sensory board.

This project was important for 6 children in the EEE, especially for 2 children who don't speak. Through this type of product/board, they can convey and develop tactile and auditory sensations, reasoning, concentration, and even social development as it can be used by more than one child


"Perhaps at an appropriate time, we could visit Viva with our students and even take on a new challenge, as we believe that some of our ideas could be put into practice.

Thank you, ViVa 🙏" - APPACDM de Sabrosa-Vila Real."


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