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As the first verified space of Precious Plastic in Portugal, with over 5 years of experience working closely with the Precious Plastic Community, VIVA Lab seeks to further impact the local society by empowering the community to take action on Making Plastic Precious.

We identify ourselves with the PP philosophy "Precious Plastic exists to reduce plastic waste. Our solutions see people as the key element to fix the plastic mess.
Precious Plastic is a combination of people, machines, platforms and knowledge
to create an alternative global recycling system."


Make Plastic Precious

  • Promote investments in innovative opportunities by creating solutions through everyday challenges

  • Involve civil, scientific, business and local authorities in developing solutions to combat plastic

  • Improve the economy and quality of plastics recycling

  • Design for recyclability

  • Boost product demand and use of recycled plastic

  • Improve and standardize the selection, collection and distribution process

PET MINI E-SKATE Waste from the Beache.j


  • R&D of Machines adapting them to local projects, businesses & communities.

  • Design & Development of Products and solutions using plastic waste.

  • Through Education we can teach local communities the potential of recycling plastic waste
  • By seeking our participation in Events we further raise awareness to the Precious Plastic project
  • Building a Community in Portugal that will spark and boost a alternative plastic recycling system.

Our Machines

Completely redesigned for ease of use and having in mind workshops & small scale production. This new versions allow anyone to easily set a small workshop focused either in education programs or small scale recycled plastic production. With it's disassembly design you can quickly transport the machines to any event, school or production site.

Order yours now!

Contact for Business Opportunities, Order Precious Plastic Machine or Project Development

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