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Plastic Play

The project aims to address the urgent issue of plastic waste and its environmental impact by promoting awareness, encouraging sustainable practices, and empowering individuals to play an active role in combating plastic pollution.

Our initiative focuses on using the 4 machines from Precious Plastic. In Plastic Play, participants have the opportunity to hands-on experience all stages of the plastic waste recycling process, from collection and separation to shredding and creating new products. This interactive approach, fundamental in the Maker philosophy, which is Viva Lab's expertise, has a significant impact on raising awareness and educating students. 

Plastic Play is a project that addresses sustainability education for children using engaging tools such as the shredding and extrusion machines from the Precious Plastic project, teaching modern methodologies like product life cycle and circular economy, all in an interactive and fun manner. Plastic Play is a project that addresses sustainability education for children. In this case, it uses everyday tools to give a new life to plastic bags.

To develop this project, we have partnerships with Lipor and Precious Plastic.

Results and impact - from the 2-year pilot project with €30,000 of funding

- +20 Municipalities

- 10 Schools

- 1.2T Recycled Plastic

- 12 Events

- 13 Recycling spaces created

- 12 products developed

- +3,000 Participants



"I loved it! I really enjoyed tinkering with things and learning how they're made. I knew I could recycle, but I'd never done it." - Zé, 10 years old

"With these machines, the recycling process becomes closer and more understandable. It motivates us to understand the importance of separating and recycling." - Tiffany, 35


Future financing

We are looking for funding of €60,000 per year for 3 years to support the expansion of Plastic Play, allowing us to improve our infrastructure, reach more schools and communities that don't have the means, and increase our impact in promoting environmental education and sustainable practices through the use of Precious Plastic machines.


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