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Plastic Play workshop at VivaLab with children and youngsters

During the Easter holidays, we had the pleasure of welcoming at Viva Lab a group of 10 children, aged between 8 and 12 years old, from CIJ - Centro de Iniciativa Jovem de Lordelo do Ouro. Throughout the visit, we provided an immersive experience in the FabLab and BioLab, with a brief explanation of each machine and an exploration of the spaces.

1. Plastic Play workshop for Primary School

Next, we headed to the Precious Plastic area, where we kicked off the "Plastic Play" workshop. We began with an introduction to the problem of plastic pollution, followed by an activity that addressed both the production and recycling of this material. After some reflections on the impact of waste on the environment, we moved on to hands-on activities, exploring ways to turn plastic waste into a resource.

Participants had the opportunity to use the shredder to process some bottle caps, followed by the injection of a mold to create carabiners. Additionally, they observed the process of melting and molding plastic by heating it in the oven, which led to a deeper understanding of the material's properties.

At the end of the activity, each child left VivaLab with a carabiner in their backpack and a renewed motivation to practice recycling at home, as well as a commitment to collect plastics in the community for future projects at VivaLab.

2. Plastic Play workshop for High School

On another day, we had the privilege of hosting a group of 4 young people, aged between 15 and 17, belonging to the same association. The visit to VivaLab followed a similar format, including an introduction to the Precious Plastic theme. We provided them with the opportunity to shred bottle caps, an activity that proved to be one of their favorites, allowing them to understand the process of cap destruction. Next, we explored the extruder and injector. Using the extruder, they were able to create playful springs, and with the enthusiasm of the young people in the activity, some members of the group opted to explore the machine more freely, carrying out their own projects. Similarly, with the injector, they were able to produce their own carabiners, just like with the previous group.

3. Impact

Through this workshop, the young people had the opportunity to take home the projects they created, leaving VivaLab with a different perspective on plastic. It was gratifying to witness a change in the group's perception, especially considering that initially they viewed plastic only as waste.


If you're interested in bringing a group to visit our space or participate in a Plastic Play workshop, don't hesitate to contact us. Don't miss the opportunity to teach and learn about sustainability in a practical way and leave a positive impact on future generations!


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