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Workshop Ovar Fishing the Plastic

On May 3, 2021, VivaLab Porto travelled to Ovar to conduct training for the team responsible for energizing the new sustainable laboratory, supported by the Ovar City Council and Business as Nature. This new space, located in the Buçaquinho Environmental Park, is equipped with Precious Plastic machines and digital manufacturing equipment, aiming to engage the local community in seeking sustainable and innovative solutions.

During the activity, we highlighted the transformative potential of the Maker Mindset and the functionalities of recycling machines, in a practical and engaging experience that encouraged participants to take an active stance in building a greener future.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Ovar's new laboratory team, VivaLab Porto organized a plastic waste collection action on the beaches with the community, aiming to give these materials a new life. This multifaceted project aims to sensitise, in an innovative and consistent way, the main audiences involved in coastal activities, promoting plastic reduction, transitioning to a circular economy, and developing a responsible and sustainable culture.

One aspect of this project was the creative transformation of collected plastics into various symbolic objects, from decorations like flower vases to practical beach accessories like ashtrays, reflecting creativity and reusability.

Furthermore, we developed eco-friendly agendas as a way to honor the women from Ovar's fishing community and their projects made with recycled plastic.

Empowered as sustainability ambassadors, some participants had the opportunity to take part in a Bootcamp in Serra da Estrela, where they developed action plans to improve sustainability practices in schools and neighboring communities. These women will be responsible for leading the change process in schools and neighborhoods in Ovar.

As part of this comprehensive project, we organized contests in local schools, where students could express their ideas about ocean plastic pollution, ways to reduce disposable plastic consumption, and promote proper recycling, using different forms of communication such as drawings, photographs, and videos.


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