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Trash with Sound Experiences

Cabriolet Music Studio, VivaLab and Camera With No Name started a project together with the desire to create sound objects and musical instruments from plastic waste. The project ran parallel to The Plastic Hike, using some of the plastic collected during beach clean-ups.

1. Objective

In this project we brought together our skills and available resources to give discarded plastic a new lease of life, demonstrating to the public that what many consider to be garbage can become a valuable source of inspiration and creativity.

Using the tools available in our space, we explored the infinite possibilities of recycled plastic, transforming it into beautiful sound objects that echo a message of sustainability and environmental awareness.

2. Contribution

As well as contributing to the preservation of the environment, this project highlights the importance of collaboration and innovation in creating creative solutions to contemporary challenges. We are proud to be part of this initiative to raise awareness about plastic pollution and inspire others to rethink what is possible with seemingly disposable materials.

Join us on this journey of creativity and sustainability, where we transform waste into sound and art.



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