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"Fishing the Plastic" Workshop in Ovar

On May 3, 2021, VivaLab Porto traveled to Ovar to provide training for the team that will drive the new sustainable laboratory supported by the Ovar City Council and Business as Nature. Located in the Buçaquinho Environmental Park, the space features Precious Plastic machines and digital fabrication equipment and will engage the local community in thinking about new ways to be sustainable.

During the activity, we presented the great potential of the Mindset Maker and the functionalities of recycling machines in a practical and inspiring session that invited participants to take a more active stance in creating a greener future.

As part of the same project, along with the team from the new laboratory in Ovar, Viva Lab Porto went to the beaches for plastic waste collection to give it a new life. With this collection, we created Sardines using various types of plastic, resulting in a diverse array of outcomes that were truly amazing.

With the plastic we've collected from the beach we've been able to make various objects such as ashtrays to use on the beach and photo frames. These are just some of the examples of objects that can be made by reusing plastic.

Within the same project, we developed eco-friendly agendas to honour the women of the fishing community in Ovar and the projects created with recycled plastic.


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