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Ecocentro Prelada

At VIVA Lab we strive to "Make Plastic Precious" through our social and environmental projects.

How do we do this?

- Research and development of Dave Hakkens' Precious Plastic Recycling Machines, adapting them to local projects, businesses and communities.

- Design and development of products and solutions using plastic waste.

- Through education, we teach local communities about the potential of recycling plastic waste

- By participating in events, we further raise awareness of the Precious Plastic project

- Building a Community in Portugal that will energize and boost an alternative plastic recycling system.

We had the great pleasure of designing and developing the new billboards for EcoCentro da Prelada using 100% recycled waste from the city of Porto.

Can you guess which materials were reused and recycled?

Congratulations to Câmara Municipal do Porto Ambiente for the new certificate and for collaborating on this project.

Our objectives are:

- Promote investment in innovative opportunities, creating solutions to everyday challenges

- Involve civil, scientific, business and local authorities in the development of solutions to combat plastics

- Improve the economy and quality of plastic recycling

- Design for recyclability

- Increase demand for products and use of recycled plastics

- Improve and standardize the selection, collection and distribution process

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