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Resposta ao Covid-19
da comunidade Maker e Industrial do Porto

To all the Makers, Fab labs, Maker Spaces and Industry who want to help the medical community to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic:

VIVALab wants to help and has teamed up with Hospital do Santo António, Hospital São João and Porto City Council and also with several partners from the local industry.

The goal is to create solutions for the needs that the health professionals have at the moment.

If you want to help please fill out the "Open Call" form.

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Projects Developed With the Community

Full Face Shield

Visieras COVID19 VIVA Lab.jpg

Protective Goggles

COVID-19 Protective Goggles.jpg

Face Mask

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To help with this quarantine period, the VIVA Lab team created an extra page on their website, VIVA @ Home.

On this page we try to create content that helps to complement the days of the Portuguese with the joy of learning. We know that everyone has responsibilities, both for schools and jobs, but we believe that we can take advantage of this adversity to create different and rewarding learning moments for all ages.

Once again, we call on all makers, both young and old, to protect themselves and follow the guidelines of the DGS and CMP to enter voluntary quarantine.


Visieras Produzidas COVID-19.jpeg
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WhatsApp Image 2020-03-24 at 13.16.04 (1

We have produced more than 3,000 Units for Hospitals in Porto!

Many thanks to everyone for their support and especially to the team of volunteers who made this project a reality.

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