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The demand for sustainable development and consumption initiatives has grown exponentially in recent years. Recognizing this trend, VivaLab Porto decided to create a project that would spark creativity and interest in biotechnology among the public. Thus, the BioMaker Lab project was developed for the entire community, specifically targeting teachers, makers, artists, and the curious. We aim to promote the idea of science for everyone, citizen science.


Event areas

With this project, we seek to explore the areas of biotechnology in a dynamic and accessible way for all people through sub-projects:

- BioKitchen

- BioFarm

- FungiPlace

- BioLab

- BioArt

To bring it to life, we organize a series of workshops that will teach how to become a BioMaker and build your own laboratory at home.



BioMaker Lab is an initiative of Viva Lab Porto, supported by Porto Innovation Hub and the Municipality of Porto, to simplify and encourage the practice of science outside traditional educational environments.

As part of the project, we decided to challenge artists in Porto to step out of their comfort zones and explore BioArt. According to Eduardo Kac, considered the master of bioart: "BioArt manipulates, modifies, or creates life and living processes. (...) BioArt challenges the boundaries between the human and the non-human, the living and the non-living, the natural and the artificial."

Are you ready to participate in this challenge?



BioMaker Lab is an initiative of Viva Lab Porto with the support of Porto Innovation Hub and the Municipality of Porto. We aim to demystify science and teach the Porto community how to create their own laboratories, becoming BioMakers in the future.

Events BioMaker Lab

Want to know more about BioMaker lab events? Find out here! The next one is on April 6th.

Our Partners:

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