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BioMaker Lab - Opening and Workshop

The inauguration of BioMaker Lab took place on February 19, 2024, and in this workshop, six important questions related to the project's theme emerged. The conclusions drawn by all participants were as follows: BioMaker Lab ensures ethics and safety through the dissemination of safety rules, signaling, and awareness of the surrounding community. Suggestions that emerged were to respect nature, recyclable materials, reduce pollution and waste, and involve the younger and senior community. Interdisciplinary collaboration is promoted through STEAM projects, visits, workshops, and knowledge exchange for positive social impact. Accessibility to biotechnology is achieved through accessible language, digital content, gamification, and collaborative projects. Sustainable innovation is fostered through practices such as recycling, solving community problems, and bio culture. For greater community involvement, communication must be effective through partnerships, challenges, social media promotion, and inclusive projects.


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