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BioMaker Lab- The art of fermentation

On February 17, culinary enthusiasts and those curious about science gathered at VivaLab to take part in "The Art of Fermentation" workshop. Led by Professor Lina and the VivaLab team, the workshop provided a deeper insight into the science and practice of fermentation.

With a dynamic and participatory approach, participants explored the scientific foundations behind the making of breads, cakes and a variety of other fermented products. From the biochemical processes to the microorganisms involved, every aspect was explained, providing a deeper understanding of what happens during fermentation.

In addition to the theoretical discussions, the event offered an exciting hands-on experience where the participants created their own fermentation cultures. From making kombucha and sourdough to tasting natural yoghurts, attendees were able to experience first-hand the process behind these fermented foods.

One of the big attractions of the event was the introduction of the maker version of the airlock valve, developed by the VivaLab team to facilitate the home lacto-fermentation process. This valve, designed with accessible materials, helps people to ferment food in their own kitchens.

Throughout the workshop, a number of traditional and creative recipes were also shared, providing participants with the opportunity to learn more about the process.

We'll be holding more workshops at the BioMaker Lab soon! The next one is on April 6th on "DIY: Flow Chamber and Incubator"! We're counting on you!


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