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To take home and grow!

Doing makes you feel good. A handmade cupboard makes you feel proud. Buying one, not as much.

Changing a tyre gives us satisfaction, while getting someone to do it only makes us feel that we had the work done. Doing makes us useful, happy and proud. Everything we want for our child.

KitFerraBit is a box with tools and materials for exploring, playing and building.


Artboard 1.png

How it works?

Each box has tools and materials to explore and a small manual with instructions on how to use and ideas of what to do.
You can take it home and explore this maker moment with your parents, siblings and family.
Then share it on social networks with # kitferrabit
How Long?

You can keep a box at home for a maximum of one week,

Are they all the same?

We have several different boxes so you have many tools to explore and master.

Kit Ferrabit-13.jpg

How to Rent?

To pick up your KitFerraBit boxes just fill out the form and pay €5 registration fee. Then each box is yours for 7.5€/week and you can explore it during one week.

*We will have several places to pick up the boxes, you just have to choose which one will be yours.

*Cashier 50 euros


What can I do?

Everything that your imagination dictates. In addition to the materials included in the box you can add others that are yours.

Can I Keep It?

You can keep your creations to yourself! Respect the material, don't spoil what you don't want to use. You should return the tools inside the box and take care of them so that others can have fun too!

Don't forget to Share via email to; Instagram and Facebook with the # KitFerraBit #Vivalabporto

 Pick up points:

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