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Teacher training - Tech in the pre

VivaLab's Participation in the Erasmus+ Digital Culture Project

Over the past year, VivaLab has been an active participant in an Erasmus+ Digital Culture project alongside educators from Italy, Portugal, and Sweden.

In March 2023, we embarked on a journey to Sweden to explore how technology is used in Swedish schools, both in the design and organisation of spaces and as a learning tool in classrooms from preschool onwards.

In October, we welcomed educators and teachers from the group here at VivaLab Porto for a training session and workshop themed "Tech in Preschool." It was a truly enriching experience to share ideas and practices regarding the use of technology, maker education, and the STEAM approach with so many dedicated professionals. For a better understanding, there's nothing quite like getting hands-on experience, and we had the opportunity to do just that. We experimented with electronics by constructing circuits, explored drawing with doodle machines, which is one of the children's favourite activities, and immersed ourselves in the overall experience of a FabLab.

We are grateful to Scholé for their partnership and initiative in this project. We look forward to continuing this journey of learning and innovation alongside our international partners. Together, we can continue to promote dynamic, student-centered education.

To know more about the project check their website:


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