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Programming and robotics

Programming and robotics in early childhood education

The introduction of programming and robotics in early childhood education is becoming increasingly common as it offers various benefits in the development of children's skills, such as motor skills, creativity, and teamwork. It works on computational thinking, visual and playful language, and programmable robotics/toys.

Programming and robotics bring several general benefits, such as the development of problem-solving skills through critical thinking, better preparation for the future, fun and dynamic learning, and digital inclusion.

It is important to adapt activities to the cognitive development level of children, ensuring an educational and playful approach at the same time.

Workshop "Introduction to Robotics with Legos"

Event held during the week of April 4, 2019. Our Workshop: "Introduction to Robotics with Legos" for ScaleUp Porto. Start & Scale Week was a great start on promoting new technologies and concepts to Porto's ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation.

As a Fab Lab focused on Education and Design this is a important step to showcase the impact a space like Viva Lab Porto can have on creating innovative solutions for the local community. More Workshops to come during the Start & Scale Week, stay tuned!

Projects carried out such as programming:

Nowadays, there are applications where it is possible to work on programming in a way that allows children/young people to explore and acquire new knowledge in a fun and more autonomous manner through experimenting with the functions of the applications.

The assembly of robots involves the use of robotics kits adapted for young children. Activities include the construction of simple robots, the introduction of sensory elements, the use of visual programming, association with stories or characters, promotion of collaboration among children, creative exploration, and presentation of results. The goal is to provide an educational and enjoyable experience that stimulates the development of cognitive and creative skills from early childhood.


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