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Future Makers

Because we understand that through education, we are co-creating the future, the activities we develop in our holiday camps, although relaxed, are designed to "yield results." With design thinking as the working foundation, coupled with the practical aspect of the maker movement, Future Makers holiday camps emphasize the process more than the intended result; this camp takes place at Viva Lab.

We seek challenges that are enticing for our young makers, and we entrust them with the leadership and development of these challenges. In this process, it is from them that the need to delve into a subject, research ideas, learn how to use a tool, and find solutions will arise.

Although it has only had two editions, in the Future Makers holiday camp, participants have already built cars that travel on Mars, cars that perform loops, motorized boats, amphibious vehicles, roller coasters, arcade games, and an endless array of small but meaningful projects.


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