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Children's Day Workshop

On Children's Day, at Viva Lab, we organized an event dedicated to the little Makers, providing an engaging environment filled with stimulating activities. We began with the doodle machine, one of the children's favorite activities, allowing them to express their creativity freely.

We explored coloured papers, turning paper planes into a source of much fun in a game enjoyed by all, fostering the development of fine motor skills and coordination. The laughter and joy shared during this moment undoubtedly created lasting memories in the minds of the children.

In the tools section, the children were introduced to the various utilities they offer, enabling them to later explore with their own hands. This hands-on component not only allowed for theoretical understanding but also provided a tangible experience. This type of practical learning is crucial for cognitive development and to stimulate children's innate curiosity.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


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