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What is Maker Movement?

The Maker movement began in 2005 with the launch of Make Magazine; however, it is not just a revival of the "do it yourself" (DIY) culture. The idea is to promote and encourage people in general to use their creativity and solve everyday problems by leveraging existing technology and combining it with the traditions of each community, leading to unique products and differentiated solutions.

Makers, the term given to enthusiasts of this movement, seek to build, fix, modify, or manufacture their own things.

The Maker Movement in Education

The maker movement in education has been announced for a long time, starting with John Dewey and his "Laboratory school" in 1896 in Chicago, followed by Piaget with constructivism, and finally Seymour Pappert, who synthesized everything Dewey and Piaget advocated, earning him the title of "father of the maker movement in education."

The future of the Maker Movement

"Society at large still doesn't know that it can design and build anything, and this know-how will generate a tremendous positive impact on the planet. In the coming years, more people will have access, will become familiar with, and will join the movement. More companies will be created from the Maker Movement, as well as new technologies. Today, the Maker Movement is already present in some schools, universities, companies, and multinational corporations, but soon it will be adopted by municipalities, and most cities will have a public FabLab equipped with the necessary tools for everyone to bring their ideas to life and help build a more creative, fair, and happy world." in


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