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Maker Education Workshop with Scholé

The Scholé School from Matosinhos came to VivaLab for a Maker Education Workshop. It was an enriching experience for everyone involved, with a total of 31 students from different nationalities.

At the start of the workshop, they learned how to make simple electrical circuits and how to use hand sewing tools to make their Minion-Robot lanterns. We used a laser machine to make the Minion and a 3D printer to make the battery holder. 

The materials needed for this activity were the Minion, a needle, sewing thread, battery, battery holder and LED. 

They also had the chance to explore some of the Fab Lab's spaces, such as Precious Plastic, where they had the opportunity to understand the plastic process and see some of the work done by the VivaLab team. They then visited the Biomaker Lab, where they explored bioplastics and, finally, they saw a project being carried out at the CNC.

We would like to thank the Scholé School for the opportunity to collaborate and inspire students through maker education. We hope that this experience has further awakened their creativity and innovative spirit. See you next time!


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