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Fab Lab machines and Maker Education

3D Printing in Early Childhood Education:

Regarding 3D printing for children's learning, at Viva Lab Porto, we teach children/youngsters to develop their skills in 3D printing through various projects, fostering creative, logical, and technical abilities. By using these machines, we provide children/youngsters with the opportunity to explore STEAM concepts. Transforming their own ideas into physical objects can build confidence and an appreciation for technological fields. We provide the necessary instructions for them to use the machine autonomously in the future.

Using the CNC in the balance game project and other types of games:

The use of CNC for the balance game project and other types of games offers an innovative approach to creating physical and interactive elements. CNC allows for precise sculpting, cutting, and shaping of materials, enabling the production of custom pieces for games. With this machine, various projects can be undertaken, and at Viva Lab Porto, we've developed several games that can be used in educational settings or elsewhere. On the same CNC machine, directed towards the music area, we created a bass support using wood.

Use of the laser cut machine for games:

Using the laser cut machine for games provides a versatile approach to creating components and accessories. It allows for precise cuts in a variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, and paper, enabling detailed customization of game elements. This technology provides an efficient and creative way to enhance games. The laser machine is highly useful in our space, and it's another machine that can be utilized for various effects. At VivaLab Porto, education is fundamental, and through the use of this machine, we were able to create educational games, including one focused on the Pythagorean theorem, using MDF for dynamic learning.


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