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Laboratório VIVA

For those who do not yet know VIVA Lab’s “Laboratorio VIVA”, it's a creative space where you can develop your projects with the support of digital tools, 3D printing, Design Thinking and everything that you will find in a Digital Fabrication Lab.

Viva Lab's educational activities introduce tools to support innovation, autonomy and social responsibility for children & youth.


We have 3 distinct levels so you can develop all the necessary skills to be autonomous and create whatever is on your mind using all the digital and manual tools of a FabLab.
The first level is for learning how to make and use tools, meaning that by the end of this year you will be a real maker.
In the second level you will learn how to use the digital tools available in the FabLab to fabricate your ideas.
Finally, if you wish, you will be able to tackle the next level, where you will develop your own projects, using all the tools autonomously with the support of monitors and the entire maker community that attends the lab.


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