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Precious Plastic Shredder Machine - Shred Plastic Waste for Easy Recycling

Precious Plastic Shredder Machine - Shred Plastic Waste for Easy Recycling

Product Description:

Unlock the power of plastic recycling with the Precious Plastic Shredder Machine. This machine is your key to efficiently shredding plastic waste, paving the way for a sustainable recycling journey. Built on the solid foundation of the Original Precious Plastic Machines, it incorporates over 6 years of experience and meticulous design enhancements by the VIVA Lab team.


Product Features:

  • Robust and Improved Design: Our Shredder Machine is a testament to relentless innovation. Merging the best of the original design with modern improvements, we've crafted a machine that's more durable, reliable, and transport-ready.

  • Enhanced Portability: Thanks to the new design, this machine is easier to ship, assemble, maintain, and transport. It's ideal for those who aim to showcase plastic recycling prowess at demonstrations, workshops, or events.

  • Key Components:

    • Motor Power: 220V, 1.5HP high torque motor, for powerful and efficient shredding.
    • Durable Construction: Coated steel frame ensures longevity and stability.
    • Variable Control: Variable speed & direction controller for precision operation.
    • Safety First: Safety mechanisms ensure secure use during shredding.
    • Shredded Plastic Output: 10kg/h
    • Versatile Power Options: Available in 220v configurations.


Certified Business:

VIVA Lab is a registered Association with Tinker City in Portugal under VAT number 514383798, allowing us to provide invoices for your order.


Shipping Information:

For international orders outside of the EU, we offer CFR (Cost and Freight) shipping to the main port. Please note that import and local transport from the main port will be the responsibility of the client. Contact us for a precise quote to the nearest port.


Additional Information:

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us via the Bazar messenger.


VIVA Lab's Precious Plastic Success:

Discover our journey in sustainable recycling through the Precious Plastic project. Explore our website or social media posts showcasing our projects and the Precious Plastic HQ's verification of our workspace:


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