Therapeutic Insoles in Wool

Therapeutic Insoles in Wool


With Rosemary and Lavender Oils
All numbers available

Wool allows the foot to breathe, absorb sweat and the energies coming from nature.
Rosemary Oil is analgesic, purifying, improves circulation, muscle aches and pains.
and joints.

Lavender Oil is relaxing, regenerating and bactericidal.
The Insoles are a certified handcrafted product, manufactured in wet felt
with soap and water, from Portuguese sheep wool.
Wool is a totally natural, totally renewable and sustainable product.


All products  are hand made & feature qualities unique to each object. This makes every object one of a kind! Colors may differ from the ones displayed on the images.

  • Cares to take

    • Cold wash by hand
    • Do not twist
    • Do not tumble dry


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