Viva Lab's educational activities introduce tools to support innovation, autonomy and social responsibility for children, youth and adults.

Working based on a structured process, uniting Project Based Learning, Creative Learning and Maker Mindset, we promote hands-on learning within educational institutions, in teacher training and in our courses and workshops.

Laboratório VIVA

It's a creative space where you can develop your projects with the support of digital tools, 3D printing, Laser Cutting, Design Thinking and everything you will find in a Digital Manufacturing Laboratory.


Engineers (6 year old- 9 year old)

  • Wednesday´s -> 14h30-17h30

Tinker's (10 year old - 15 year old):

  • Wednesday´s -> 14h30-17h30

Maker's (16 - 21 year old):

  • Wednesday´s -> 14h30-17h30


Vivalab Fablab

R. Pedro  Hispano 407

Face/ Insta: @vivalabporto


45€ per month

25€ registration (Includes insurance, materials & mini maker course)